Why You Need to Know Why

Depending on where you get your statistics, blogs have anywhere from a 90-95% abandonment rate. This leads me to believe that blogging is not as easy as it looks, which is too bad for me, because I like easy stuff.

Oh, it would be easy enough to open up a free blogging account and start yammering away about the first thought that hits my brain. Developing an informative, entertaining, helpful blog and committing to do what it takes to foster and grow that blog, is definitely not easy, however. How do I know this? Because so few beginning bloggers pull it off.

So, how can a beginning blogger improve their odds of ending up in the 5-10% of bloggers who stick with their blogs over time? By being clear on why they want to blog in the first place.

Knowing why you want to blog gives you direction for the massively important things that come later on, like naming your blog, finding a home for your blog, and deciding whether or not to invest money in your blog.

Here are some common reasons people give for wanting to start a blog:

  • to share updates and pictures with friends and family
  • they like to write
  • to talk politics
  • to make money online
  • to promote an offline business
  • to share conversations around a personal passion
  • to keep a diary or a journal

There are lots of other reasons people blog, but these will give you some ideas in case you still aren’t clear on why you want to blog.

I’ve gotten clear on my “why’s.” I know I want to keep learning and growing, help take the scariness out of blogging for beginners, indulge my love of writing, make money, and create a supportive learning community for bloggers.

What are your “why’s?”

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2 Responses to Why You Need to Know Why

  1. Bocairene October 18, 2010 at 9:28 pm #

    Thanks you much for this. It is sooo hard and sooo helpful.


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