Why + What = Who, Where, and How

In my last post I suggested narrowing your focus down to a handful of potential blog topics. Today we’ll sort things out further by returning to why you wanted to blog in the first place.

Adding the reasons you want to blog together with your potential blog topic(s) makes it easy to discover who your audience is, where you can put your blog, and even how you’ll eventually build your blog.

Here’s my own example:

  • Why: To share what I learn about blogging, make some money, and build a safe community for beginning bloggers.
  • What: Starting and building a blog.

By knowing these two things I also know:

  • Who: My audience is people who want to learn how to start and build a blog.
  • Where: My blog needs to be set up somewhere that allows me to advertise and to grow a community.
  • How: By frequently posting useful information and promoting my blog and related products to beginning bloggers. This blog is part of a business plan.

Here’s an example from a hypothetical beginning blogger.

  • Why: To share stories and photos with family and friends and have a creative outlet.
  • What: Family experiences.

Based on the above “why’s” and “what,” this blogger now knows:

  • Who: The target audience is a circle of friends, family, and acquaintances.
  • Where: The blog can go on a free blogging platform since making money and growing a community isn’t important.
  • How: This blogger can post entries and photos whenever the spirit moves. This is a personal blog.

Now it’s your turn. Put your “why’s” together with your “what’s” and see what you come up with.

Most people who visit blogs like this one do have an interest in starting and growing blogs with the potential to reach a large audience and make money. In the next post we’ll look at how to test-drive potential topics to see how they might perform in these areas.


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