How to Put the Fun Back Into Blogging

From the outside looking in, blogging seems fun and easy. You just dash off a post about the first thought that drops in your head, pop up some Google ads, and wait for the money train to roll in, right?

Well, maybe that’s how some people find blogging success, but I haven’t met any of them yet. The bloggers I know are basically running their own mini-publishing businesses. On any given day they’re wearing the hats of editor-in-chief, content writer, designer, marketer, networker, distributor, advertising director, computer technician, product creator, customer relations manager, bookkeeper, and student. That’s a lot of hats for one head, and chances are I’ve forgotten a few.

With a workload like that, it’s no wonder the average blogger burns out faster than a 50-cent light bulb.

The truth is, once you’ve waded knee deep into blogging and seen how much work is involved, it can start to seem like a really bad idea. What started out feeling fun and simple now seems overwhelming and stressful. You wonder how something that seemed like so much fun at the outset could end up being so . . . not fun.

I’ve been there, but because having fun ranks high on my priority list, I didn’t stay there long. Instead, I found a few foolproof ways to bring the fun back into blogging. If you’ve misplaced your sense of blogging fun, try these ideas to get it back:

Get out of the house. I love my home office, but when I need a fun-boost, I grab my laptop and head out to the patio or go sit in the food court at the mall to work. There’s something about writing blog posts in the sunshine on a beautiful day that makes me feel like I’m playing hooky. And playing hooky equals fun for me any day of the week.

Remember what fun feels like. This sounds sort of dumb on the surface, but sometimes we get so wrapped up in our pursuit of mega-traffic and prolific posts that we really do forget. When this happens to me, I go do something that’s guaranteed to get me back in my fun-groove like hanging out with a friend or going to a movie. Once I’ve gotten back into the fun-groove, it’s a whole lot easier to stay there when I come back to my blog.

Celebrate everything. My blogging to-do list is long, but I know life is short, so I celebrate every blogging accomplishment in some small way. Sometimes my celebration is a simple “atta-girl” for writing a post when I didn’t feel like it. Other times, celebrating might take the form of buying some new tunes when I cross something off my list. I’m not saying you have to throw a big party every other day, but then again, it wouldn’t hurt.

Snag some blogging friends. Talking to my non-blogging friends about blogging isn’t very fun at all. Their eyes tend to glaze over pretty quickly when I start talking about the advantages of AWeber over MailChimp, and if I keep it up, they start getting all shifty looking and start sliding towards the door. Lucky for me I’ve found some fun blogging friends to hang out with both in person and on-line. If you don’t have any blogging friends yet, check out some of the online forums or look for a local group to give your blogging a major fun-boost.

There are lots of small things you can do to put the fun back into blogging too. For example, if you start feeling stressed, try playing your favorite music or enjoying a a glass or good wine or some green tea while you work. Whatever you do, just remember that you’re blogging by choice, you’re in control, and it’s okay to have fun and a whole lot of it!

Your turn. What do you do to keep blogging fun? Leave a comment and tell us what works for you.

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2 Responses to How to Put the Fun Back Into Blogging

  1. Mokibobolink April 15, 2010 at 4:28 pm #

    Great post and some very good advice. I love blogging but sometimes it does feel like the fun isn't in it. I'm so gonna be using these tips in the future. :o)

  2. virginbloggernotes April 15, 2010 at 5:52 pm #

    I just made myself some fresh tea and put on some tunes, so I'm back into fun mode :) I love the positive slant of your site, by the way!

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