How to Create Lovely Link Posts

Link posts are a favored stand-by for bloggers who are short on time but long on a desire to provide readers with quality content.

What’s a link post? It’s a post that links up to something another blogger has written. It can consist of a single link to an interesting post used as the foundation to continue the discussion or it can consist of a list of links to several posts.

Link posts are quick and easy to write, but they’re popular for other reasons too:

  • They help build positive relationships with the other bloggers you link to, provided you don’t rip on their posts.
  • Linking to other blog posts shows readers you keep up with the latest information in your niche.
  • Readers like quality link posts in moderation because they get access to information they may otherwise have missed.
  • They’re great conversation starters if you ask readers to comment on the link or add to the information presented.
  • Link posts written in a list post format are favorites on on social networking and bookmarking sites.

To create your own lovely link posts, try some of these ideas:

  • Add to the post. Link to a dynamite post and then write a few paragraphs that build on the subject.
  • Disagree with the post. Present a link and be the voice of opposition to let your readers see both sides of the story.
  • Add to a list. If you’ve linked to a list post of ideas or tips, add your own tips and ideas.
  • Create a list of related links. This could be a list of links to several posts dealing with the same topic or a list of “how-to” posts or tutorials on a subject of interest to your readers.
  • Write a “best-of” or “favorites” link post. Gather up a list of your favorite blogs or the best new blogs in your niche and share the links.

Remember to keep the conversation going by asking readers to contribute their thoughts and ideas in the comment section.

Your turn. Do you offer link posts on your blog? As a reader, do you click on links or gloss over them?

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