Why Authenticity Rules

A guest post by Eduard Ezeanu of People Skills Decoded

When I started blogging, I used to think the only thing that mattered about blog posts was for them to give readers valuable knowledge. I didn’t realize it was a blog, not an encyclopedia.

Now, although I still believe that the value of content is crucial, I also think there is another component which is just as important in successful blogging: your authenticity.

Why Authenticity Rules In Blogging

The most important thing Iíve grasped since I started blogging is that people read other people.

They may be looking for practical advice, expert knowledge or entertaining news, but they also want to get the feeling that theyíre reading something a real human being wrote, and not a robot. This feeling is generated on a blog primarily by how authentic you are in your writing.

When readers sense that the author is authentic, they tend to have more trust in them, to remember their blogs better and to feel, in a way, connected with them. Readership, fidelity and popularity all stream from this point forward.

Top 5 Authenticity Enhancers

As a communication coach, Iíve been eager to look into the ways blog posting can be made more authentic. These are the top 5 ways that Iíve discovered:

1. Don’t over-think your posts. If you create a plan for each of your posts, you pay attention to how you write them and you reread them before publishing, that is all good.

However, Iíve noticed that many bloggers tend to take this process too far and they over-think their posts. Too much thinking kills the authenticity in your writing and makes it sound unnatural; so you want to avoid it.

2. Share personal stories. Readers love to read a bloggerís personal stories and experiences, used as methods to exemplify certain key ideas. Not only do they make those ideas easier to understand for the readers, but theyíre also an excellent way to be more authentic for the blogger.

My golden rule is this: in each post you write, include at least one relevant personal story. Apply this rule and it will do wonders for your blogging success.

3. Admit your mistakes. I remember about one nutritionist who once wrote a post on his blog stating that drinking fruit juice for breakfast was a great idea. About one year later, he wrote another post explaining that after more research, he realized that he was wrong: drinking fruit juice in the morning was not a great idea.

It takes a lot of courage to publicly and openly admit a mistake like that. This is why readers love this kind of a conduct. We all make mistakes, but it is the people who admit them and are willing to talk about them who score lots of authenticity points.

4. Show your vulnerabilities. No human being is perfect; we all have our weaknesses. Sharing those weaknesses is a big sign of authenticity and a fundamental method to connect with others.

This applies to blogging as well as any other context. By willing to show you are only human, and your readers will love you for it.

5. Use normal language. In everyday life, I sometimes tend to curse, especially when Iím talking about a subject Iím passionate about; but I never used to do that in my blog posts. However, I quickly realized that most of my posts sounded like an academic paper.

I now write as I speak in everyday life, using the exact same kind of language. Some people may not like it, but most of them really appreciate my authenticity and overall, it is a huge benefit for my blog. This is why I recommend it.

We are all born unique and authentic. After a while though, we learn to repress our true selves and try to fit into the patterns. So, we now need to unlearn and recapture our natural authenticity if we want extraordinary results. This applies to blogging in particular, and to life in general.

Eduard Ezeanu provides communication coaching and helps people put their best foot forward in communication, You can enjoy more posts on his blog People Skills Decoded, and follow him on Twitter at @EduardSays

8 Responses to Why Authenticity Rules

  1. Ishan November 25, 2010 at 8:01 pm #

    Hello Eduard,
    Admitting own mistakes is definitely one of the most important things and also most difficult. In this fast age, people are under impression that everyone will forget their mistakes but this might cause problems, so admitting problems is one thing everyone should do.
    Using normal language is another thing that is very important. When I started blogging, I used to have a very “professional” style voice but now I have learned the right way and use natural, friendly voice.
    Thanks for the great post.
    Ishan recently posted..Blogging Addiction- How To Identify And Get Rid Of It

  2. Eduard - People Skills Decoded November 28, 2010 at 4:11 pm #

    Hi Ishan,

    I agree: admiring mistakes is easier said than done. We need to be comfortable with our mistakes and with rejection before we can do so. For most of us, this requires an inner journey of transformation.

  3. Eduard - People Skills Decoded November 28, 2010 at 4:14 pm #

    Mary, I want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to publish this post on VBN. Authenticity is a significant topic for me and it’s a pleasure to get my message out there in the world of bloggers.
    Eduard – People Skills Decoded recently posted..Sticky- Free Coaching Worth Over 1000 Bloggers Eligible

  4. J.D. Meier November 29, 2010 at 4:57 pm #

    Good points and I think authenticity is the only sustainable way to lasting success. If for no other reason, being yourself is more natural, less work, and better energy.

  5. Sandra Lee November 29, 2010 at 7:30 pm #

    Hi Eduard,

    I agree wholeheartedly about authenticity. I really enjoyed your introduction and your story of the light bulb going on about a blog not being an encyclopedia. These are really the best tips on how to be genuine. I only take one exception. I don’t appreciate crude language at all. That really turns me off in a blogger. I really love elegance in language.
    Sandra Lee recently posted..Is Attachment Destroying Your Happiness

  6. Apple December 12, 2010 at 3:31 pm #

    You are exactly right. I will hop off of a page faster than anything when I feel like I am not getting the real deal. I like all of your suggestions and hope to incorperate them into my new blog. I hope that it will be a success. I really enjoy your advice and have visited your site several times. I have also, shared your information with most of my friends. I hope I will be able to teach and share this information when I get things down pat.

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