4 Steps to Overcome Blogger Burnout and Re-Discover the Joy of Blogging

A guest post by Tess Marshall of The Bold Life

Blogging demands your energy and time. As a newbie you’re required to write and edit posts, and an e-book or special report (a freebie for collecting emails).

You will learn Word Press, and a plethora of technology and internet marketing. You will promote yourself, comment, and network on social media in order to build a loyal readership. That’s a quick and incomplete summary.

One source says, there are 175,000 new blogs started everyday. Competition is fierce, you have to stand out to be noticed. The more progress you make the more you’re required to make.

Add this to your regular job, family, personal life and with out a plan you’re destined to eventually become exhausted, crabby and doubtful of your ability to succeed.

There’s no need to fight your own private war, with the right assistance, mentors, and tools it’s possible to recover from and prevent blogging burnout.

My personal story of burnout

Over the past few months, life has brought me several emotional ups and downs. Highlights were, joining the A-List Blogger Club, discovering new friends, and having my personal story featured on Good Life Zen.

A few of low points were my mom’s passing, a close girlfriend moving away and the loss of a big project to a friend and colleague. As my online life soared my offline life was filled with grief and loss.

Writing became a dreadful chore. Even my online friendships required energy I lacked. I felt as if I were holding on to the edge of a cliff, struggling to find a stronghold, a former glimmer of the delight and joy I previously experienced in blogging. I found myself chasing sanity in the midst of “blogging burnout.”

For beginners, the first six months of blogging are the most difficult. You get very little in return for your tremendous effort and work. All bloggers will suffer from blogging burnout at one time or another. The reasons are different, yet the thoughts, feelings and emotions are often the same.

When you have lost the ability to fully engage and feel like you want to kill your computer, the worst thing a writer can do is deny a break down.

Your offline suffering, will seep into the spaces between your words and engulf your creative brilliance.  The first step to recovery is admitting you have the “blogging blues.” The best thing you can do is regroup, self-reflect and slow down.

Some Thoughts and Feelings of Tired and Frustrated Bloggers

  • You think that everything new has already been written
  • You are exhausted from trying to understand and contend with technology and change
  • You feel jealous of the gifted, bright writers and their fast rise to the top
  • You feel alone, useless and hopeless, believing nobody cares
  • You’re exhausted, unmotivated, and uninspired
  • You fear your blog will go unnoticed and your time and energy have been wasted

4 steps to revive both your online and offline life

“Love the moment and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.  K.D. Lang

1. Give yourself a blogging break.

Everyone will create and design their break according to their personal needs. I cut back on commenting and visiting other blogs. This is my first guest post since last October.

Read creative blogs outside of your niche. My blog is about personal development. Therefore, in my free time I visit blogs about art, creativity, music, and comedy. Light hearted blogs, blogs that give me goose bumps or take my breath away. I read the writers that put a spring in my step and set my spirit free.

List activities that bring you joy. The ones you’ve denied yourself. What inspires you, makes your heart flutter, or revs up your fun meter?  Schedule time for adventure and travel. Follow excitement. Savor each moment.

A CEO once told me, on Mondays she took piano lessons on her lunch break. She set a creative tone for her work week. Allow yourself time to daydream and create.

Angela Artemis, from Powered by Intuition, spends 48 hours a week, unplugged and offline. My break included two to three hours of free time daily to play, hike, paint, journal, and spend time alone. I also scheduled a trip to visit my grandchildren. Nothing brings me more joy.

Design your retreat to fit your needs. Nobody knows what you need better than you.

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” ~Brendan Francis

2. Create Boundaries

I temporarily gave up focusing on SEO, statistics, and traffic and blogs that intimidate me or bring touch on my insecurity.

Fear that I’m not enough, I don’t do enough and I don’t have enough. Fear that I’m being left behind, fear that I’m not worthy. Fear that everyone else is. 

I’m only inspired by technical bloggers and brilliant bloggers when I’m at my best. When my blogging sabbatical is over, I will take these blogs in small does, until I feel I’m at my best.

The internet will always be about change. Whenever I catch up with something or someone, my ego moves the line. There will always be the temptation to chase status and fame. I will need to resist the race.

There will always be blogs with higher ratings and lower ratings than mine. There will always be more talented and less talented writers than me. I need to remember, “I am more than my blog!”

“Nature doesn’t worry yet everything is accomplished.” Lao Tzu 

3. Foster stronger offline connections

Give your neglected loved ones, your full engagement. We are wired for connection, it’s in our DNA. Brene Brown says we often confuse communication with connection.  (Brene’s name has an accent mark over the last e. After checking google I still don’t know how to make one).

On Face book and Twitter, we communicate. Face-to-face we connect. We touch, hug and make love. We show up, and allow ourselves and our vulnerabilities to be seen. We challenge, relate and grow.

When you are with your friends and family offline, be respectful enough to shut off your phone. Become disconnected from all electronics and connect with your body, mind and heart to those around you. That’s the purpose of your offline relationships.

Your restored energy and relationships will give you ideas and stories that will make your blog shine. Organically statistics will rise, comments will come and progress will be made.

Now that your cup runneth over, you can become insanely useful to your readers. Your content screams freshness and delight, and once again your love affair with writing becomes awakens.

4. Re-discover the joy of blogging

I only have one recommendation for how to prevent burnout. It is an umbrella for all other advice. If there is a chance for you to succeed you must partner and learn from other bloggers. Why not hook up with the best?

The single most important thing I did was join A-List Blogger Club. I was astounded to see the superabundance of support, information, companionship, kindness, friendliness and esprit de corps.

I don’t have many regrets in life. One of my biggest is not joining the club the day it opened.

Seriously, give up your Starbucks, cut back on groceries, go without whatever it takes and pay the 20 bucks a month.

It will skyrocket your progress and success. You’ll learn everything Leo and Mary did to succeed and more. And even better, you’ll become a member of a caring blogging family.

As you give yourself a break and implement these activities, you’ll sleep better and feel better. As your dread and fear dissipate, your calm manner and confidence will reappear and accumulate. Your blog will bloom and your love for writing will return.

How do you avoid or recover from blogger burnout? Please share in the comments below.

Enjoy more of Tess Marshall’s post on her blog The Bold Life

Entry to the A-List Blogger Club CLOSES on Thursday, 24 February until after the next Bootcamp. Click here to jump aboard!

40 Responses to 4 Steps to Overcome Blogger Burnout and Re-Discover the Joy of Blogging

  1. Elle B | Later Bloomer February 21, 2011 at 6:28 pm #

    Tess, I almost quit blogging after three months because I was burned out, both technically and by lack of support. I accidentally happened upon two resources you mentioned — taking a sabbatical and joining A-List Blogging Bootcamps. A-List is a amazing because it combines technical resources and community support in one place. Wish someone had given me this advice back then. Thanks for a great article!
    Elle B | Later Bloomer recently posted..Was Ben Franklin A Late Bloomer

  2. Tess The Bold Life February 21, 2011 at 7:28 pm #

    Elle B
    Like I said my biggest error was not joining A-List as soon as it opened. I forgave myself and am now determined to learn everything I missed and make up for lost time. Thanks for stopping by here and in the forum. I appreciate you.
    Tess The Bold Life recently posted..12 Ways to Find Joy In Life

  3. Jeanie February 21, 2011 at 7:42 pm #

    I joined the A-List bloggers club, and then quit 3 weeks later with this message:

    “Thank y’all for being awesome, but I have to quit now to pay debt and go live my own awesome life! How am I supposed to fly if you’re supporting me in the nest?” Or something quirky like that. :)

    • Tess Bold Life February 22, 2011 at 11:49 am #

      How do I love you let me count the ways! No.1 is your quirkiness. I love your reasons for quitting…to pay your debt and live your life. The great thing about life is we all get to decide what to do and when to do it. And what ever blows your hair back is what’s right for you. Thanks for stopping by, my hippy therapist friend.
      Tess Bold Life recently posted..12 Ways to Find Joy In Life

  4. Robin Easton February 21, 2011 at 8:10 pm #

    Dearest Tess, I just LOVE you!!!!! You’ve no idea how much this means to me. It’s like you’ve written about “me” here, with slightly different things going on in my life this winter, but equally as devastating.

    Slightly different reactions to being on line, but also many of the same. I just love the honesty here and the ideas and insights. This whole post brought tears to my eyes.

    I really like Angel Artemis’ idea of being off line for 48 hours, as well as your idea of fostering stronger offline friendships.

    I’ve known for sometime that I HAVE to make HUGE changes or it will consume me. It did, trying to keep up with it all. I cut back on commenting and even posting. Still trying to find new ways to do it all.

    I am going to check out the A-List as well. I also have been to Mary’s site many times and really enjoy it SO MUCH. So much, I loved your post dear Mary on MOVEMENT and HEALING. I don’t remember the title. But it really resonated.

    I am deeply grateful for this post dear Tess (and to you Mary for having Tess), as I have been trying to listen more closely to my OWN path, my own heart, and let go all that takes me away from myself, and all the is motivated by fear. There is just no way that I can be ALL things to ALL people, none of us can. And although the connections are ASTOUNDING and the 100s of emails I get move me to tears, but I just can’t respond to it all.

    My blog was recently hacked and it made me have to slow down. What relief. LOL!! And yet what a mess to sort out. Although, I found a great tech, the same tech that Mary here has used Satish at http://www.technotip.com He was wonderful.

    Anyway, I just want to say that my heart just SWELLS with love when I think of you. I am grateful for who you are, and for your true beautiful heart. You encourage me to be ME.

    I love you,
    Robin Easton recently posted..Seeking Your Suggestions

    • Tess Bold Life February 22, 2011 at 11:52 am #

      What can I say? I’m mirroring you. Each of our stories and reasons are different but because we are all connected, all one…it’s all the same. Thanks for validating my feelings, my writing and my heart.
      Love, peace and connection to you always. I don’t think we have to do all or answer all…only what we are intuitively moved to answer and do.
      Tess Bold Life recently posted..12 Ways to Find Joy In Life

  5. Patricia February 21, 2011 at 9:22 pm #

    I have had the blogger blues and some burnout over the three years I have been blogging and change artist is my niche….but I am seriously considering not doing it anymore. People do not want to pay me to write, because they want what you write to make them money and I can not make any money in offline or online activities. I stopped turning on the computer on weekends last November.

    This is not a new problem for me – I can hardly ever get paid more than gas money when I do work in a job and after a year of job hunting too – I can not seem to find a job, income, or even get paid any more for the books that I review. I write and comment on an amazing number of blogs per week, with my 2 hours a night limit on FB and Twitter and just going thru my RSS and discovering new and varied bloggers.

    We are going in the hole every month, I am studying grant writing again, with Dyscalcula I need a partner to do the calculations…am attempting to open my own business….

    I even consulted an intuitive who says “Just ask for the money to come and it is raining all around you but you just can not seem to see it”

    I have a wonderful relationship with the homeless people I visit with on my walks 3 mornings a week…
    I do not have $20 more to spend and am in debt now to get a working computer because my ancient workhorse gave up the ghost…

    I am thinking I am not doing the right “something” or using my energies correctly.

    More than burnout I think I am just discouraged…and my readership remains the same week after week for 3 years now….
    This is amazing to me that 300 folks visit my site each week…and that 255 of them are new visitors each week….I have only about 16 subscribers no matter what I do?????

    Great post and I just love following you around the internet Tess…would love to do some traveling.

    • Robin Easton February 22, 2011 at 10:01 am #

      Dearest Patricia, I just adore you. You are so honest and just always tell it like it is. Wow!! I am truly humbled in your presence, over and over again. I wish you lived closer. LOL!! :) One of your many GREAT strengths is your total absence of ego, your ability to bare your soul honestly. I always feel more real, more filled with Life or vitality and FAR MORE grounded after any contact with you. I am just blown away. Sending you HUGE armfuls of love, courage and gratitude. Robin

      Hope it’s okay Tess and Mary that I responded here. I am just so moved by P’s comment and Sandra’s below. :) Forgive if I intrude.
      Robin Easton recently posted..Seeking Your Suggestions

    • Tess Bold Life February 22, 2011 at 12:00 pm #

      The only thing I can say is to check in with your heart with every decision you make. You know what’s right for you. Only you. Listen and act on the answers you receive.

      The answer the intuitive gave you sounds standard minus compassion. Did it feel that way to you? If so I’d tell her/him that.

      Give yourself the same care,love and compassion you give to the homeless. You are just as worthy.

      Just so you know. I care about you. Tess xoxo
      Tess Bold Life recently posted..12 Ways to Find Joy In Life

  6. Sandra / Always Well Within February 22, 2011 at 2:21 am #

    Hi Tess,

    This is so well articulated and voices the experience of so many bloggers these days. I’ve been blogging less than a year and I’ve seen waves of bloggers dropping by the wayside. Following these excellent tips will without a doubt help overcome blogger burnout. Bearing them in mind and adjusting your life accordingly will help prevent blogger burnout!

    The only problem I have with your advice and Angela’s too is that I miss all my blogging friends who have been cutting back on commenting! Of course, I support all of you too. But I also miss you like crazy.

    Mary, thank you SO much for publishing this raw and honest post.

    Love to all!
    Sandra / Always Well Within recently posted..Not Dead Yet

    • Robin Easton February 22, 2011 at 10:07 am #

      Oh my dear incredibly sensitive Sandra. What a spirit you are. I am so so touched by your words here. I too have missed you and think of you SO often. How could I not. I LOVE that you genuinely miss us. THAT moves me to tears. It not only shows the depth with which you bond with people (no matter where they are, online/offline), but it also reflects your incredibly caring nature. You would make an astounding tribal leader. People under your care would (and do) feel safe, cared for, special, and included. THAT my dear sweet friend is such an amazing talent and gift. You are always, and always will be, part of who I am. I am a better person from our interactions. Much love, always. Robin
      Robin Easton recently posted..Seeking Your Suggestions

      • Sandra / Always Well Within February 23, 2011 at 2:11 pm #

        Dear Robin,

        It hasn’t been easy for me to let go of my closest internet friends – like you – as they navigate their own callings and make changes in their life and their path. But it’s been a huge learning process. I’m so glad to know you and you too will always be a part of me.
        Sandra / Always Well Within recently posted..Heart Advice on Healing from a Special Friend

    • Tess Bold Life February 22, 2011 at 12:04 pm #

      I’m grateful for all of your support. I love that we have a growing online friendship. Someday you’ll invite me to Hawaii and I’ll come! Also if you ever want to Skype let me know. Hugs and smiles to you today!
      Tess Bold Life recently posted..12 Ways to Find Joy In Life

  7. Patti Foy | Lightspirited Being February 22, 2011 at 4:57 am #

    Hi Tess,
    You sure packed a lot of great tips and information into one post! And very timely for me. I’ve just crossed the 6 month boundary and realize I don’t have an “excuse” anymore to not be tearing it up like those really impressive bloggers are that you mention. This will help me maintain some balance.

    So far, what I do is take weekends away. If I want to take a few minutes online that’s okay, but I use Sat. to catch up with thing around here and Sundays are always off. Of everything! No “work” allowed.

    And lately, I’ve been making it a point to remember why I am blogging in the first place. Touching in with my heart each time I sit down to write. My posts have a different flavor than they used to, but I’m sure enjoying it more. And getting good response, besides! I think I was making it more difficult than it had to be!

    I’m glad to hear you are finding your own balance, and even gladder you are sharing your experience and findings with us.

    Thanks for the great article!
    Patti Foy | Lightspirited Being recently posted..A Message About Your Relationship to Love

    • Tess Bold Life February 22, 2011 at 12:08 pm #

      I’m queen of making things more difficult than they have to be. My personality shrieks intensity. So it’s so important I give myself time off as well.

      And yes…why I’m blogging in the first place is always an ego stopper;)I love that we found each other in the club. I love your hair. I know that sounds weird but my hair is thin and fine. In my next life I’m going to be first in line for a big head of hair. LOL
      Looking forward to getting to be great friends.
      Tess Bold Life recently posted..12 Ways to Find Joy In Life

  8. Anne Sales | Coupon Codes February 22, 2011 at 9:10 am #

    Hi Tess, I have “been there, done that” with my blogging experience. I used to blog about my hobbies with blogspot and I would do well in the beginning. Problem with me is that I always start a project but don’t get up to step 2. I always get burnt-out by the end of step 1. Probably the problem with me is that I spread myself too thin.
    Now I got a proper blog and I hope to be more focused this time to avoid the same pitfall again.
    Anne Sales | Coupon Codes recently posted..Eleven2 Promotional Code

    • Tess Bold Life February 22, 2011 at 12:11 pm #

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Yes spreading ourselves too thin will only get us frustrated. Yes according to Leo and his new book Focus is everything. My ADHD has a difficult time with that. But hey that’s another issue. Yikes!
      Tess Bold Life recently posted..12 Ways to Find Joy In Life

      • Anne Sales | Coupon Codes March 2, 2011 at 12:13 pm #

        Haha! I also made a self diagnosis that I have ADHD because my attention span is sometimes short. I am blogging one minute and the next I’m on my Yamaha keyboard, then back to blogging and then facebook hahah! I just can’t focus sometimes.
        Anne Sales | Coupon Codes recently posted..Lufthansa voucher code

  9. Angela Artemis/Powered by Intuition February 22, 2011 at 11:57 am #

    Hi Tess,
    I loved your article and completely resonate to your message!

    I think your tips were terrific! I’ve found that limiting my time on Facebook and going completely off the grid for 2 days in a row has helped me to rejuvenate my enthusiasm for blogging.

    Here’s the link t to the article you referenced:
    In Praise of The Blogging Black-Out – http://tinyurl.com/62hgaar

    Thanks so much for mentioning Powered by Intuition here.
    Angela Artemis/Powered by Intuition recently posted..Turn Up the Volume of Your Inner Voice

  10. Tess Bold Life February 22, 2011 at 12:11 pm #

    “I see you.” xoxo
    Tess Bold Life recently posted..12 Ways to Find Joy In Life

  11. Caity February 22, 2011 at 1:04 pm #

    Great tips! I especially like the one about developing offline conversations and relationships. I think that has been my biggest help to blogging because not only does it help me feel more social in the world, but it also gives me so many stories and experiences to share – way more than I could ever come up with elsewhere.
    Caity recently posted..An entire week of the gym deserves some shopping!

  12. Tess Bold Life February 22, 2011 at 3:12 pm #

    I believe the richness of your relationships are what draws people to your blog. You’re open, honest and fun!
    Tess Bold Life recently posted..12 Ways to Find Joy In Life

  13. Jean Burman February 22, 2011 at 6:14 pm #

    Hi Tess :-)

    Thanks for this well rounded well written article. This topic seems to be first and foremost in people’s minds this week… I know it has been in mine! I so relate to the online and offline world… how important [and difficult] it is to try not to bleed all over the page. No-one likes a sook. And I’ve definitely been a sook on and off over the last couple of years after losing my mom as well… followed by the loss of pretty much my whole life as I had come to know it.

    What’s come back in its place though… is a whole new world. And I’m enjoying the experience of re-learning about myself and my art and my new zest for life on my blog.

    No day is the same and we will always have ups and downs… but for the most part I think its our human-ness that we have to try to share.

    Everyone has loss. Everyone enjoys small victories from time to time. It’s the sharing of those that are important to me. Whether anyone else wants to read [I have only just realised] is a secondary thing.

    Of course… we all want to be noticed and read… but in the end… even if nobody reads what I have to say it’s ENOUGH the words are out there. Nelson Mandela in his latest book talks about the letters he wrote over 30 years incarcerated in prison. The letters were to his children and they never got then. But the words were out there… and eventually found their way home.

    I think bloggers should remember this as they write and share. Words have feelings attached and find their way home eventually… to someone somewhere who really does need them.

    That’s just what I think anyway. And oops… there I go again overshooting the runway. Apologise here for writing a novel. I just get carried away I guess when I’m writing about what I love. It’s the key I think to everything. Love.

    Thanks again for a very good read. Lots to ponder there.

    Very best wishes
    Jean Burman recently posted..Enough is Enough

    • Tess Bold Life February 23, 2011 at 2:06 pm #

      Overshooting the runway! That’s funny, but not at all. Love what you have to say especially about Nelson Mandela’s work. Yes the right people will find my words at the right time. Thanks for that.
      Tess Bold Life recently posted..12 Ways to Find Joy In Life

  14. Marci | Liberating Choices February 22, 2011 at 8:36 pm #

    Hello Tess :) I fret about wasting my time when I get wrapped up in whether others are reading what I write. What keeps me sane is keeping to my own boundaries, defining what is realistic for me, in this season, not what others are doing. If no one else reads it, I am still getting a lot out of the writing process. Integrating my ideas. Standing for something. Having a creative outlet, incorporating all my loves and passions. Learning something new. As long as the positives outweigh the negatives, I will keep at it. Six months so far…
    Marci | Liberating Choices recently posted..Keep Romance Alive with Respect

  15. mahabaleshwar hotels February 23, 2011 at 3:26 am #

    Very informative post, thank you for your article,blogger have to make good quality article,relevant keyword like you.

    Keep up the good work:)

  16. Cathy | Treatment Talk February 23, 2011 at 8:46 pm #

    Hi Tess,
    Thanks from a blogger who is not doing anywhere as well as you. I’m the turtle in the group, but it’s ok. Thank you for making me realize everyone has their concerns about how well their blog is doing. Last week, I was in a slump, this week I’m good again. It flows like the tide, sometimes you are high (on life, let me clarify), sometimes you are low. You are one of the blogs has been an inspiration to me. What I love about it is that you are an authentic person and that shows through in whatever you write. A-List Bloggers Club has been a major help for me as well, and I consistently look to your blog for inspiration and guidance, so thank you!!
    Cathy | Treatment Talk recently posted..What are the Recent Drug Trends that Could be Enticing Your Child

  17. Lyka Ricks March 5, 2011 at 10:40 pm #

    Hi Ms. Tess,

    The words are uplifting. When the blogging world seems down, there’s a helping hand to raise us up. These are the tough times of a blogger in climb, its wheel goes up and down , all you have to do is go with the direction, stay calm , enjoy and don’t push yourself hardly. We need to breathe and relax in order to attract the Good Vibes that will push us to make remarkable outputs. Keep up the Good work! God bless!
    Lyka Ricks recently posted..Why Ohio is considered Midwest

  18. J.D. Meier March 12, 2011 at 4:59 pm #

    > Re-discover the joy
    I like that theme and I think it’s a key to many things … for example, true love is falling in love with the same person over and over again.

  19. Sharon April 4, 2011 at 8:49 pm #

    Thanks so much for this post :). It’s very encouraging.

  20. Maia Duerr / The Liberated Life Project June 12, 2011 at 10:58 am #

    Tess, this is a great post — thank you so much for writing it. I just completed the first six months of my blog, and I’ve definitely experienced all the ‘symptoms’ that you outlined above — oy!

    The way I try to work with those feelings when they arise is to return to my original intention for starting a blog… it isn’t about the outcome, nor about the number of subscribers (though I confess I am gleeful when someone signs up and have to fight annoyance when someone unsubscribes); it’s not about any financial benefit I might receive in the long run (though I wouldn’t frown on that!)… it really is a vehicle for me to practice finding and using my voice, and sharing what I’ve experienced with others so that it may be of benefit.

    When I can stay in that groove, or return to it, I am fine.

    I actually did join the A-List Blogging Club for a couple of months and got a lot out of it. I didn’t continue because I am also trying to address some financial issues in my life. It may be time to invest again, though…

    P.S. By the way, the quote used in this post that was attributed to KD Lang actually comes from Corita Kent, who as an artist as well as a Catholic nun: http://womenshistory.about.com/cs/quotes/a/qu_corita_kent.htm
    Maia Duerr / The Liberated Life Project recently posted..Put Your Love in Action- The June Love Drop

  21. Rebecca October 11, 2011 at 6:17 am #

    I can relate to what she experience. I just started guest blogging.The negative thinking is unavoidable in
    my current situation…There’s always “What If”.

    Very nice post.I admire all uplifting comments here. I know that time comes, I share my ups and down as new blogger.

    This really inspire me.



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