Is Blogging Still Relevant?

There seems to be some debate as to whether or not blogging is still relevant.

The answer to that question depends on what exactly you intend to accomplish through it. If all you want to do is sell a product or service, and every post you make is going to be an effort to accomplish exactly that, then blogging may not be your best vehicle for that purpose.

However, if you realize that the whole point of blogging is to express your point of view, then you can also rest assured knowing that within the context of doing that there is still plenty of room to express a marketing message if you do it in the right way.

What That Means

Obviously, if all you want to do is express your ideas on a given subject, blogging is still very much a great way to do that. However, even in that case, you’d probably like to attract as many readers as possible in order to make sure that your voice is heard in the marketplace of ideas. That being the case, we have two recommendations for you.

First, keep reading. In the rest of this article, we’re going to teach you some basic techniques for drawing traffic to your blog, and these will be just as relevant to you as they would be to a marketer. Second, remember that people who feel blogging is losing its relevance are largely talking about blogging by itself. Whether you’re marketing or not, blogging should be just one of the methods you use to get your message out.

Other Methods

For example, another means by which you need to be communicating your message, whether it’s commercial in nature or not, is through a Twitter account. Twitter accounts have accurately been defined as micro blogs anyway.

There are applications available for either of the two most popular blogging platforms which will make it easy for you to connect your blog to your Twitter account. That way, all of your Twitter followers will know automatically when you have written a new blog post. In addition, you can get a plugin which will display your last few tweets on your blog.

In this manner, each of them helps the other one grow. From time to time, you should tweet about something other than the fact you’ve written a new blog post.

Other forms of social networking are also good to use in connection with blogging. In fact, many of the most popular social networking platforms have blogging features built directly into them. Some of these even allow you to link your blogs so that your posts are simply duplicated on those platforms automatically. Even when that option is not available to you, you can still copy and paste your blog posts into these other applications if you’d like.

Of course, another option would be to simply mention your blog from time to time in your posts on the social network itself. Just don’t overdo it with this, because some people will find it annoying.


Not many people still think of them this way, but in a sense, forums are the oldest type of social networking on the Internet. As a matter of fact, forums are precisely the type of application the Internet was originally intended for, the idea being to create a “forum” for collaboration among scientists. Obviously, the audience (and uses) for the Internet have grown quite a bit beyond that. Yet, forums are still very popular.

Often, these forums will allow you to place a link to your blog in your signature, which is automatically added to the end of each of your posts. This is a great way to generate some incoming links, which both boost your traffic directly and improve your search engine rankings. Just make sure that your posts are high quality. Otherwise, you reputation will be damaged, as well as your credibility.

Relationships With Other Bloggers

Developing relationships with other bloggers is also important. The best way to do that is by posting insightful, positive comments to their blogs. As long as you do this with the right attitude, most of them don’t mind a little link back to your own blog. Just make sure that when their readers follow that link, they’re going to be happy with what they find. They need to like what they read and what they see.

They will like what they read if it’s well written, and they’ll like what they see if it’s well designed. One way to make sure it’s well designed is by using WordPress themes.

Where Blogging is Going

Some people will say that in the future, blogging will virtually disappear. We do not believe that at all. If anything, we believe that it is beginning to evolve into a superior form. As competition continues to increase, it will be more and more important that your blog is of the utmost quality.

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2 Responses to Is Blogging Still Relevant?

  1. Sarah L. Webb September 21, 2012 at 2:45 pm #

    This post convinced me to give forums a try. I’ve not bothered with them because they can be a little overwhelming or irrelevant, but I think if I find the right one, I can use this advice to help me engage.

    Twitter is another area where I can improve. I think I’m doing pretty well, but as always, there’s room for improvement, and I haven’t been using it as the mini-blog platform it is.

    I appreciate this!

  2. Lorie September 25, 2012 at 5:17 pm #

    I agree blogging is relevant!! Great article

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