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In October 2010, Jean Sarauer handed over Virgin Blogger Notes to Mary Jaksch while Jean took time out to pursue her fiction writing.

“We can all become so much more than we imagine.”

When she isn’t dancing a sultry tango or expanding her universe as a  Zen Master, Mary is super busy creating new content for her many online endeavours.  She is the creator of GoodLife ZEN and Co-Creator of A-List Blogging Bootcamps and The Daily Brainstorm.  Her passion for taking advantage of every resource available enables her to produce cutting edge resources in order to show readers the way to that powerful intersection between positive living and spirituality.  At the end of a high energy day, Mary is happy to expand her own mind by curling up with a good book.

Mary blogs at Goodlife Zen and Write To Done.

If you’re interested in learning in a comfortable environment and would like to be part of a thriving, energetic community then you’ve come to the right place.Welcome!

Images of Mary Jaksch by Elspeth Collier

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