Please note that some of the links below and elsewhere on the blog are affiliate links, which means I earn a commission on sales of those products and services.  These are all things I recommend based on my own positive experiences.

Blogging Set Up

  • WordPress: The blogging platform used by me and all of the professional bloggers I personally know. It’s free, easy to customize, and has great support.
  • Bluehost: This is the hosting company I use. I was able to install WordPress with one click, which made setup a breeze. Their support staff got me up and running again in five minutes one time when I had completely messed up my blog.
  • Headway: This is the paid, customizable theme I use. Although I am pleased with Headway, there are many other free and paid themes to choose from. I think it’s worth your while to shop around and find something that really fits in with your style and with what you want to do, whether that’s Headway or something else entirely.


  • A-List Blogging Bootcamp: These in depth training sessions are created and run by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits and Mary Jaksch of Goodlife Zen and Write to Done. The bootcamps are held throughout the year, so the best thing to do is just get on their mailing list to find out what’s coming up in terms of time and topic. Even if you don’t end up attending a bootcamp, they send out lots of valuable information to their email list subscribers, so it’s worth your while to get on the list.


Email Subscriptions

  • Aweber: This is the email subscription I use and the only one I am comfortable recommending. They have excellent training and support to help grow and manage an email subscription list.

Link Shortener

  • Free service that allows you to turn long links into short links. Easy to share and track.

Productivity Tools

  • Timer: The free simple, online timer that I use to stay focused when I write.


  • Google Analytics: This free tool makes it easy to track traffic sources and visitor behaviors. Just don’t get addicted to watching your stats :)

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